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Your image is your Brand!
I have extensive experience working with professionals as diverse as administrators & artists, authors & actors, conductors & consultants, dancers & doctors, singers & satirists, writers & realtors as well as musicians & MBAs. Enthusiastically, I look forward to working with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does a headshot session take?
  2. MCP Headshot Session format - when do I get my photos?
  3. What is a Finished image?
  4. Do I need a hair stylist and makeup person?
  5. What should I wear - can I change what I'm wearing?
  6. Do you take ¾ length pictures?
  7. If I need a quantity of my headshot, how is that handled?

Mike Canale Photography, providing best quality audition and publicity headshots for: actors, singers, models, dancers, film, casting, television, industrials, extras, performers, fashion, voice-overs, stage, entertainers, talent, commercials and theatre. View Mike  Canale's profile on LinkedIn

How long does a headshot session take?

Typically a session takes between 1½ and 2 hours.

You will achieve your best results if you fully immerse yourself in the experience, and so I suggest that you pre-arrange to arrive on time, stress free, and with enough leeway in your schedule so that you may remain relaxed in case your session runs a few minutes longer.

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What is the format of a MCP Headshot Session & when do I get my photos?

1. Upon arrival you'll first settle your items in the dressing room, and we'll plan the shooting order. Then, before taking any photos, I'll offer some suggestions and tips on how to project effectively for still images; these techniques empower you with precise control so that, as we begin to shoot, you will be focused, up to speed, and communicating effectively.

2. As the session progresses, we’ll pause every few shots and evaluate our efforts on a large, high quality monitor. I’ll delete any images that you deem unmarketable and save the images that you like. Once you feel you have enough expressions to choose from we will then move on to your 2nd look.

3. At the end of your session, you'll leave my studio with a "proofing" thumb drive containing internet resolution (72 ppi) files of all those saved images – no waiting for images to be uploaded to 3rd party websites, no passwords to deal with, no links to send, and no surprise, hidden costs associated with downloading, printing or using your images.

Important Note: When you have your photos taken by Mike Canale Photography, your usage rights are not limited to only your finished, headshot file; you may also copy, print and distribute any of the images on your "proofing" thumb drive – these images contain enough resolution for internet use, and to print good quality prints as large as 4x6 inches (note: the images on a "proofing" thumb drive are not retouched).

4. At your convenience, you select which image I should finish as your headshot. Once you inform me of the frame # of your selection, I will email you the finished file attached to an Invoice & Usage Rights email. Maximum turn-around time for finished files is 3 full working days from the date you place your order.

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What is a Finished image?

A Finished Image is your master file of the photo you choose as your headshot. This file should be stored safely on your hard drive and only copies of this file should be altered or sent way to auditions, printers, etc.

It is a high resolution (300 ppi), 8x10 inch, digital file that is: cropped, color corrected, and retouched as needed. Note: The 8x10 inch size will vary slightly if a different cropping ratio is chosen for the image.

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Do I need a hair stylist and makeup person?

It is your choice. Keep in mind, when you are called in to audition, you are expected to show up looking as good as your photo.

My view is that, as an auditioning/working professional, you should be capable of doing your hair and makeup for your photo session.

You will feel much more confident and ready to interview / audition on short notice if you don't have to schedule and pay for hair/makeup each time. If you decide to hire a makeup person, make sure they agree to show you how to replicate the effect.

Remember, the makeup for most headshots should present you looking fresh, well groomed, contemporary and mainstream.

In general, it is to your advantage if you don't stereotype yourself (not too: comic, sexy, serious, etc.; doing so may limit the range of opportunities for which you are considered). There are exceptions, for example : singers and models, sometimes require a glamour, ultra fashion or fantasy look. Match your look to your market.

General grooming requirements:

Women: Styled hair; well applied concealer and a good foundation (if necessary); medium-light, well blended shading, medium-gloss lip color and translucent powder to reduce any shine, will enhance the results of a session.

Men: Trim all facial hair and if needed, use translucent powder to reduce any facial shine.

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What should I wear - can I change what I'm wearing?

The subject may change wardrobe one time to achieve two "looks" from the session. In general, your wardrobe should present you looking fresh, well groomed, contemporary and mainstream.

Choose wardrobe that is appropriate for your market and looks good on you.

Avoid items with patterns, logos or distracting buttons. Make sure all items fit you well, are clean, stain free and don't look worn (exception - "worn" is legitimate as an intended "look").

While planning your session, consider hair and eye color, and skin tone when making wardrobe choices.

If you have tan lines, wear items that cover them.

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Do you take ¾ length pictures?

Photographs are composed as either close up or three quarter length shots, as determined by their proposed usage.

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If I need a quantity of my headshot, how is that handled?

MCP customers receive, included in the session price, a high-resolution digital file of their favorite headshot choice, from which they may make unlimited, digital copies and prints. Additional poses from the session, also provided as finished, high resolution files, may be purchased for $59.00 each + tax.

Single, and small runs of prints may be obtained at most local chain-store kiosks; quantities may be purchased via online companies or local brick and mortar photo reproduction businesses that specialize in making high volume copies of a photographer’s work; these companies use image processing machines capable of printing high quality prints from high quality digital image files. To find the current, best, quantity print offers simply do an online search for "Chicago headshot reproductions".

This procurement method is most cost efficient, in that it cuts out the middle man (the photographer), and allows the customer to buy only the needed amount of just the right image, as the need arises – they purchase quantities only when needed for specific uses.

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