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1569 Sherman Ave. Evanston, IL.

Downtown Evanston, 1 block from CTA & Metra train stops.


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Mike Canale Photography provides highly effective audition, publicity & marketing Headshots for Chicago area professionals as diverse as administrators & artists, authors & actors, conductors & consultants, dancers & doctors, singers & satirists, writers & realtors, musicians & MBAs.

Best Quality Headshots at a Fair Price

Headshot Session $249.00

It’s all included in the price: the “finished” headshot of your choice, along with all the images from the session – details follow.

The Session will provide as many as 30 photographs (session maximum) to choose from. All photos in which the subject is blinking or otherwise not projecting effectively are deleted and are not included in the total count.

The subject may change wardrobe once in order to achieve two "looks" from the session; a "look" is defined as a change of: clothing, makeup/hair, lighting or backdrop.

The Session Price includes a thumb drive containing internet resolution files of all the photographs we saved during the session and one high resolution digital file of the image that you choose as your headshot.

Important Note: When you have your photos taken by Mike Canale Photography, your usage rights are not limited to only your finished headshot file; you may also copy, print and distribute any of the images on your proofing thumb drive – these images contain enough resolution for internet use and to print good quality prints as large as 4x6 inches (note: the images on a proofing thumb drive are not retouched).

After your photo session, at your convenience, you select which image I should finish as your headshot.

Once you inform me of the frame # of your selection, I will email you the finished file attached to an Invoice & Usage Rights email. Maximum turn-around time for finished files is 3 full working days from the date you place your order.

All Special Offers must be specifically mentioned while booking a photo session.

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